Opening Hours

Mount Isa Airport operates on the following schedule:
Weekdays: 7:30am – 7:30pm
Weekends: Terminal open when flights are operating. Please contact us for further information.


There is an automatic teller machine (ATM) located in the terminal, situated in between the entrance to the female and male toilets opposite the check-in desks. Access to most major banking accounts is provided.

Public Amenities

Men’s and Ladies’ toilets and a Parent’s Room are located inside the terminal with facilities for wheelchair access. The Parent’s Room provides a change table, wash basin and nappy disposal.


Luggage is not to be left unattended at Mount Isa Airport due to strict security regulations. Mount Isa Airport provides luggage trolleys at the airport. Please note that there are no locker facilities at the airport.


The arrival check-in counters are located on the main concourse of the terminal. To enter the Departure Lounge, passengers will pass through screening after they check in and have obtained a boarding pass.

Passengers are only allowed beyond the security screening point into the Departure Lounge. Please note that there is no Qantas Club or Virgin Lounge facility at Mount Isa Airport.

Shopping & Dining

The airport offers a bar and café serving hot and cold beverages and light refreshments. Magazines and newspapers are also available. The café opening times correspond with arrivals and departures. It is in the terminal before passing through security into the Departure Lounge. The vending machine is available when the departure lounge is open, which is within an hour of departure.


Free WiFi is available throughout the terminal.