Mount Isa Airport is located off the Barkly Highway approximately 8km from the city. The Airport largely services the mining sector with the region considered one of the most valuable, mineral-rich areas in the world. Mount Isa Airport is 100% owned by Queensland Airports Limited (QAL).

Our Vision

Mount Isa Airport is the gateway to Outback Queensland providing a superior travel experience to its core business travellers.

Our Board

On 14 February 2005, Queensland Airports Limited (QAL) signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the equity interests in Australian Airports (Mount Isa) Pty Limited. This sale was completed on 15 March 2005.

In February 2006, after extensive consultation with staff, business partners and stakeholders in the local community, Australian Airports (Mount Isa) Pty Limited was re-branded and renamed to Mount Isa Airport. Mount Isa Airport is now taking on a new future direction focused on partnerships with airlines, stakeholders and staff to grow the North-West Queensland economy.


In 1922, an aerodrome was constructed to the South of Mount Isa’s city centre. To allow for the expansion of Mount Isa and its mining operations, the aerodrome was relocated to its present site on 1 February 1950.

To cater for increasing light air traffic, a light aircraft taxiway and apron was completed in 1970. In 1973, further strengthening work was undertaken to cater for the B727-200 aircraft, with heavy aircraft pavements resealed in 1975 and 1987.

The current terminal was constructed in 1969 and expanded in 1989 with the construction of the departure lounge. The terminal was extensively refurbished during 2000 at which time the departure lounge was integrated into the main building. 2010 saw an investment of $13 million to do a complete runway overlay and a terminal upgrade.

Future growth is supported by the high levels of investment in expansion of mining and processing activity.

Mount Isa Market Snapshot

Mount Isa is a major mining centre and regional centre servicing the Carpentaria Minerals Province. Located 883 kilometres inland from Townsville, Mount Isa is a thriving community of approximately 22,000 residents. Given its remoteness, Mount Isa relies heavily on air passenger transport. The city covers an area of over 43,310 square kilometres, making it geographically the second largest city in Australia next to Kalgoorie-Boulder, Western Australia.

Passenger Mix

Mount Isa’s passenger mix is predominantly business based, accounting for 82% of all travel. The visiting friends and relatives market (VFR) accounts for 9% of travellers. There is a high frequency of travel in Mount Isa due to the nature of the fly in fly out (FIFO) market as well as the region’s remoteness.

Source: Mount Isa Airport Annual Passenger Survey: 2017